TRP® Lubricants Offer Increased Reliability

TRP’s industry-leading and premium-grade lubricants enable owner/operators, fleet managers and equipment maintenance managers to further extend the longevity of their vehicles. Available in the United States, Canada and Latin America, TRP Engine Oil, TRP Synthetic Transmission Oil and TRP Synthetic Gear Oil are among the many products you can find in the TRP global catalog.

The four products in the TRP Lubricant Program protect axle components, transmissions and engines for longer life and smoother operation across a wide range of operating conditions. They are also formulated to guard against wear and corrosion in demanding applications.

TRP Engine Oil (SAE 15W-40 and SAE 10W-30)

TRP Engine Oil is formulated for engines operating under severe service and a wide range of climatic conditions. It provides optimum service life and minimal assistance, and also protects against oxidation, corrosion and rust.

TRP Synthetic Transmission Oil (SA 75W-90 Synthetic)

Offering exceptional performance all year round, TRP Synthetic Transmission is a heavy-duty truck manual transmission fluid. Recommended for a broad range of heavy-duty truck transmissions including Eaton and Meritor, TRP Synthetic Transmission Oil has a high viscosity index and low pour point for easy shifting in extremely cold temperatures. The formulation protects against gear wear and copper corrosion, while providing thermal and oxidation stability.

TRP Synthetic Gear Oil (SAE 75W-90 Synthetic)

TRP Synthetic Gear Oil is recommended as a rear axle and differential oil in over-the-road and off-road vehicles and is as crucial to the reliability of a heavy-duty vehicle. TRP Synthetic Gear oil is a multi-grade gear lubricant designed for the extreme pressure of heavy-duty applications. It reduces operating temperatures when compared to conventional gear oils.

Visit your preferred TRP authorized retailer to learn more about TRP Engine Oils and TRP Synthetic Transmission and Gear Oils.